Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (this “Policy”) describes both proper and prohibited uses of the web services offered by What’s Up 24/7, Inc. (the “Services”) and the website located at (the “WU247 Site”). The examples described in this Policy are not exhaustive. We may modify this Policy at any time by posting a revised version on the WU247 Site. By using the Services or accessing the WU247 Site, you agree to the latest version of this Policy. If you violate the Policy or authorize or help others to do so, we may suspend or terminate your use of the Services.


Subscribing to WU247 Site is limited to a recognized business, volunteer group, governmental unit or non-profit (to be referred to as an “Organization”).

Creating an Organization on behalf of an individual is prohibited.

Registering an Organization

  • By registering an Organization, you will be considered the “Owner” and agree that you have the rights to do so on behalf of the Organization being registered. Registering an Organization that you are not associated with is prohibited, and we may suspend or terminate your use of the Services for doing so.
  • Member based organizations, i.e.; Chambers of Commerce, Main Street, etc… shall not be the Owner of multiple Organizations in order to ‘help’ manage. However, the Owner can give you Admin rights to such partners allowing them to provide assistance where/when considered beneficial.
  • You can invite others to share in the responsibilities of managing the Organization. As the owner you can assign others Admin Rights. By accepting your invitation, those you invite are agreeing to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy as well.
  • By registering an Organization you are stating that the information provided is accurate at the time of registration and remains accurate with all future updates and/or alterations.

Posting Events

  • An Organization shall post events only on their own behalf. Through our exclusive ment system (see more on ments below) post your own information once, and it is populated everywhere.
  • An Organization has the right to post an unlimited number of events on their own behalf.
    ‘On your own behalf’ refers to events that you are either hosting or participating in and does not mean you are a sponsor or supporter.
    1. Example 1: A baseball league would post all of the games they are hosting and games they are participating in hosted at an offsite location.
    2. Example 2: County Fair will post all events making up the multi-day event including live entertainment, times of auctions, times of judging events, etc, as the host.
    3. Example 3: A local band will post their booked events regardless of location. They often will not be the host.

In each example, others can follow each of these Organizations allowing the Org to build a regional presence. Should City Hall simply post all of these events under their Organization (on behalf of others) - users would be disinclined to follow the City because the broad range of events is too much to capture people's interest. It’s the One-to-One relationship of Organizations to Individuals that builds a regional community.

The KEY to promoting others and growing your area/community is to properly utilize our meant process - see below.

Using a Widget(s)

Adopting a widget(s) and embedding it in your website is Free. There are a number of widgets and various reasons and ways to use these widgets to enhance the experience that visitors to your website(s) will have. Widgets provide you a dynamic and current flow of relevant information reflecting what you want to showcase.

A variety of widgets are available:

  • Events Widget
    • Promote only Events for your Organization.
    • OR… Promote a mix of Events hosted by other Organizations to showcase the broad nature of ‘Things To Do’ in and around your area. By Endorsing other Organizations, their events will display on your widgets. You and as few or as many other organizations as you like.
    • Examples of how you might use your Event widget(s):
      • all the regional baseball venues, if your goal is to promote baseball.
      • all the regional venues with live entertainment, if that is your crowd.
      • race venues statewide.
      • promote everything that is health focused regionally.
      • There is no limit to how creative you can be.
    • If you do not find the Organizations that you would like to promote - we encourage you to invite them to join the WU247 Site - to take advantage of the opportunity to create broader awareness and help enhance the attractiveness of your area/region.
  • Directory Widget
    • Create a custom Directory and promote Organizations that are important to you and the viewers of your website.
    • Examples of how you might use your Directory widget(s):
      • As a community you will want to promote Organizations that are in your community of course… PLUS you will then want to showcase Organizations across your area and region that makes living in and visiting your community a better experience.
        • Should your community not have (for instance) a dry cleaner, it would be appropriate to a high quality dry cleaner in your area.
        • There is no better way to support your locally and regionally owned businesses than to promote them effectively.
        • By co-promoting the right mix of Organizations in and around your community, the true identity of your community will shine.
      • As a member organization you will be able to display only your members. By inviting your members to subscribe and then co-promoting their Organization(s), their Directory listing and details will be maintained by them and appear on your Directory Widget automatically. When they make changes and updates - it will immediately be changed on ALL sites in which their Organization is co-promoted.
  • Destinations Widget
    • Create a custom Destinations Widget to showcase the Organizations in your community and across your region that attract visitors and provide a unique and/or exciting experience. You can adopt a Widget that includes all designated Destinations in your regions or create a custom view that includes only those Destinations you elect to co-promote.
    • Examples of how you might use your Destinations widget(s):
      • As a community you will want to promote Destinations that are in your community of course… PLUS you may then want to select Destinations across your area and region that makes living in and visiting your community a unique and better experience.
        • Theme Parks, Museums, State Parks, Race Tracks, Corn Maze and so on... are all things that make your community a more desirable place to be or live.
        • Zoos, Pro and Semi-Pro sports venues, Drive-In Theaters, and the like - can provide an even greater appeal to attract visitors and residents.
        • Wineries, Orchards, Amish Cheese Makers, and more... are all around us and not well promoted as a valued part of our local communities.
      • You can certainly and more simply embed the widget to display all regional Destinations.
      • You may choose to use both options on your website based on how your site is set up. For instance: you might have a page devoted to Destinations that focus on physical activities, another page displaying family focused activities, and so on... Only your imagination will limit how you might promote your area.
    • When you are aware of Destinations that are not yet taking advantage of the WU247 site, invite them immediately and let them know you want to promote them as a Regional Asset.

Co-Promoting Other Organizations

Co-Promoting (or Cooperative Promoting): is a mutual agreement between two separate Organizations for the purpose of sharing information within widgets adopted and embedded on a website.

Example: Suppose a city/town would like to have a ‘Community Calendar’ on their website. They would simply embed the What’s Up 24/7 calendar widget. Then, the city/town, when logged in on their What’s Up 24/7 account, would be able to ‘request’ the ability to co-promote any organizations listed on the What’s Up 24/7 directory. Any organizations they select will receive a notification of the request and then may accept or deny the city/town from displaying their events on the ‘Community Calendar’.

By Co-Promoting an organization, once accepted, their events, directory, and destination(s) information appear on widgets that you embed on the requesting organization’s website.

  • Co-Promoting other Organizations will allow you to customize the information displayed on your website(s) by migrating their information to the widgets you have embedded in your website.
  • Any Organization in good standing may request to ‘Co-Promote’ another organization. The request will initiate an email request from the requesting Organization to the other Organization, which they may accept or deny. Upon acceptance of the request, the events, directory, and/or destination listings will then appear on the widgets (that reflect d Organizations) that you have had embedded on your website(s).
  • Accepting a Co-Promotion request will allow the requesting organization to display your events, directory listing, and destination listing(s) on their website(s).

No organizations will have the ability to alter any information associated with your account, it will simply appear on widgets they install on their websites.

Inviting Others

The key to having a vibrant community… anywhere… is having things to do and to have people do those things. Awareness is everything! Often people wish to see their community grow and be vibrant but don’t feel they can help. You can now!

  • Invite the Organizations that you care about across your region to post their events on WU247 Site. The regional exposure will strengthen their business. They will thank you!
  • Invite your community to adopt our widgets and promote all the things your area has to offer.
  • Invite your family and friends to create an account on WU247 Site to enhance their awareness of all the things that are across your area that will make life better, more interesting and more fulfilling.

Promoting Your Destination

By definition a Destination shall be considered:

A place that people will make a special trip to visit. Often described as an attraction or a place of interest where tourists visit, typically for its inherent or exhibited natural or cultural value, historical significance, natural or built beauty, offering leisure and amusement.

Each Organization registering to be recognized as a ‘Destination’ will be reviewed, to verify that it meets the basic definition as described above. Any Organization not meeting the definition will not retain the designation ‘Destination’.

Being designated as a Destination shall be based on meeting the definition above and will allow communities across your area/region to include your organization for the purpose of promoting it on their website. Examples who may want to promote you:

  • Communities - having the ability to highlight the quality of life across their area is an essential part of attracting visitors and new residents alike.
  • Member Organizations - will benefit from having the ability to simply embed one of our widgets, notify their members and then enjoy knowing all future updates and changes will be managed by you and/or your team - and will update on their site automatically.
  • Any organization that serves a group of people through the use of their website is seeking useful (current and relevant) information that is of significance to their viewers. If you know of organizations that would benefit from sharing your information, be sure to invite them to join and to your organization.
    A couple of simple examples might be:
    • If someone has a website focused on serving our Veterans, it would benefit all parties involved for those with websites to promote those who provide services and events focused on serving our vets.
    • A city/town would want to take advantage of all of our widgets - Event Promotions, Directory, and Destinations - to promote real time, accurate information that is being supplied by the actual Event Host, Business or Attraction that makes life better in the community.

Posting Your Directory Listing

By creating a Directory Listing you will ensure that accurate information will be transmitted and displayed across our network and on potentially countless websites.

Again, the ability for others to include your organization for the purpose of promoting your details on their site, provides an invaluable opportunity for mutual benefit. Your organization is an important part of your community and/or region where you are, as well as, member organizations you are a part of. Knowing you are there and what you do is key to allowing them to promote and support you and your organization.

No Illegal, Harmful, or Offensive Use or Content

You may not use, or encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to use, the Services or WU247 Site for any illegal, harmful, fraudulent, infringing or offensive use, or to transmit, store, display, distribute or otherwise make available content that is illegal, harmful, fraudulent, infringing or offensive. Prohibited activities or content include:

  • Illegal, Harmful or Fraudulent Activities. Any activities that are illegal, that violate the rights of others, or that may be harmful to others, our operations or reputation, including disseminating, promoting or facilitating child pornography, offering or disseminating fraudulent goods, services, schemes, or promotions, make-money-fast schemes, ponzi and pyramid schemes, phishing, or pharming.
  • Infringing Content. Content that infringes or misappropriates the intellectual property or proprietary rights of others.
  • Offensive Content. Content that is defamatory, obscene, abusive, invasive of privacy, or otherwise objectionable, including content that constitutes child pornography, relates to bestiality, or depicts non-consensual sex acts.
  • Harmful Content. Content or other computer technology that may damage, interfere with, surreptitiously intercept, or expropriate any system, program, or data, including viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, or cancelbots.

No Security Violations

You may not use the Services to violate the security or integrity of any network, computer or communications system, software application, or network or computing device (each, a “System”). Prohibited activities include:

  • Unauthorized Access. Accessing or using any System without permission, including attempting to probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of a System or to breach any security or authentication measures used by a System.
  • Interception. Monitoring of data or traffic on a System without permission.
  • Falsification of Origin. Forging TCP-IP packet headers, e-mail headers, or any part of a message describing its origin or route. The legitimate use of aliases and anonymous remailers is not prohibited by this provision.

No Network Abuse

You may not make network connections to any users, hosts, or networks unless you have permission to communicate with them. Prohibited activities include: Monitoring or Crawling. Monitoring or crawling of a System that impairs or disrupts the System being monitored or crawled.

  • Denial of Service (DoS). Inundating a target with communications requests so the target either cannot respond to legitimate traffic or responds so slowly that it becomes ineffective.
  • Intentional Interference. Interfering with the proper functioning of any System, including any deliberate attempt to overload a system by mail bombing, news bombing, broadcast attacks, or flooding techniques.
  • Operation of Certain Network Services. Operating network services like open proxies, open mail relays, or open recursive domain name servers.
  • Avoiding System Restrictions. Using manual or electronic means to avoid any use limitations placed on a System, such as access and storage restrictions.

No E-Mail or Other Message Abuse

You will not distribute, publish, send, or facilitate the sending of unsolicited mass e-mail or other messages, promotions, advertising, or solicitations (like “spam”), including commercial advertising and informational announcements. You will not alter or obscure mail headers or assume a sender’s identity without the sender’s explicit permission. You will not collect replies to messages sent from another internet service provider if those messages violate this Policy or the acceptable use policy of that provider.

Our Monitoring and Enforcement

We reserve the right, but do not assume the obligation, to investigate any violation of this Policy or misuse of the Services or WU247 Site. We may:

  • investigate violations of this Policy or misuse of the Services or WU247 Site; or
  • remove, disable access to, or modify any content or resource that violates this Policy or any other agreement we have with you for use of the Services or the WU247 Site.

We may report any activity that we suspect violates any law or regulation to appropriate law enforcement officials, regulators, or other appropriate third parties. Our reporting may include disclosing appropriate customer information. We also may cooperate with appropriate law enforcement agencies, regulators, or other appropriate third parties to help with the investigation and prosecution of illegal conduct by providing network and systems information related to alleged violations of this Policy.

Reporting of Violations of this Policy

If you become aware of any violation of this Policy, please immediately notify us and provide us with assistance, as requested, to stop or remedy the violation. To report any violation of this Policy, please notify us at